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Mastering Ionic : Building a Real World Application

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Published: 20 July 17

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Do you want to build your own mobile application but don't know where to start?

Confused about the different technologies available and how they all fit together?

Need to understand how an application is built from initial idea right through to App Store submission?

Want to learn from a developer who's worked with clients ranging from Virgin Media, EDF Energy & Evans Cycles to the British Science Association, Ben & Jerry's and Shelter?

With over 15 years experience building web and mobile applications I know how confusing it can be to begin developing your own ideas - especially if you are new to the industry.

That's why I've published Mastering Ionic : Building a Real World Application - my latest e-book packed with best practice advice, industry insights and statistics as well as an in-depth exploration into each of the different aspects of developing a mobile application using the popular Ionic Framework.

What to expect

Mastering Ionic : Building a Real World Application guides you through the different stages of how a live application was designed, developed, tested and eventually submitted to the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

From exploring initial ideas and considerations including design assets, structuring the application and legal concerns to in-depth coding examples, remote content integration and App Store submissions I'll walk you through developing a real world application with best practice advice on what to do, when to do that and what to avoid.

With full coverage of the exact same codebase* used in a real-world, live application you'll see how each and every stage of the planning and development lifecycle fits together.

What's included

Key areas covered in the e-book include:

  • Integrating PHP/MySQL with Ionic
  • Managing dedicated tasks with Angular services & Ionic Native plugins
  • Using SQLite as a local storage solution
  • Synchronising remote content with an Ionic application
  • Design considerations and pre-development issues to be aware of
  • Implementing In-App Purchases for iOS & Android
  • Measuring user engagement
  • Unit testing an Ionic application
  • Creating custom themes
  • iOS & Android codesigning
  • Handling Google Play & Apple App Store submissions
  • Marketing your application

No matter what your development experience you'll benefit from seeing how a real world application is developed, including designing & planning, optimising code for maximum performance, marketing advice and a heads up on common pitfalls and how to navigate your way around these.

If you're serious about application development then this book was written with you in mind!

*Specific details (such as, but not limited to, In-App product identifiers and App Store account credentials/details) have been omitted, obscured or changed, where necessary, purely for security reasons

Table of Contents


  • Overview
  • Prerequisites
  • Why Ionic?
  • My background
  • Support
  • Conventions used in this book
  • Before we fair, play nice

Introducing the application

  • The application itself
  • Home screen
  • Daily Misfortune Cookie screen
  • Share the Wisdom screen
  • Get in Touch screen
  • Legal screen
  • Next steps

Before development

  • Overview
  • Choice of platform
  • Which category
  • Free, paid or Freemium?
  • Driving and measuring user engagement
  • Application lifecycle

Designing the application

  • Overview
  • Application imagery

Getting started with Ionic

  • Overview
  • The benefits of Ionic
  • Installing Ionic
  • Managing Native Plugins
  • The architecture of an Ionic project
  • Using the Ionic CLI

Configuring the Misfortune Cookie App

  • Overview
  • Revisiting the App
  • Tools & Technologies
  • Creating the foundations
  • Generating components
  • Generating services
  • Rooting the application
  • Lazy loading the page components
  • Setting the root page
  • Summary

Bootstrapping the application

  • Overview
  • Assets and their implementation
  • Loading the application JSON files
  • Summary

Storing App Content

  • Overview
  • The logic behind the Misfortune Cookie message
  • Database overview
  • Setting up the Service
  • Database Setup
  • Implementing the Cookie Quotes table
  • Implementing the Limited Cookie Quotes table
  • Managing the previous cookies functionality
  • Managing In-App Purchases
  • Table management
  • DatabaseProvider service in full
  • Summary

Uploading App Content

  • Overview
  • The Ionic aspect
  • The PHP aspect
  • In closing
  • Summary

Managing In-App Purchases

  • Overview
  • getProducts
  • purchaseInAppPurchaseProduct
  • restoreAllInAppPurchaseProducts
  • determineProductsToEnable
  • Summary

Tracking App Usage

  • Overview
  • Caveat Emptor
  • The AnalyticsProvider service
  • In closing
  • Summary

Managing the App experience

  • Overview

Managing App Utilities

  • Overview
  • In closing


  • Overview
  • Summary

Rating the App

  • Overview
  • In Closing
  • Summary

Building the HomePage Component

  • Overview
  • In-App Products
  • Restoring In-App Purchase Products
  • The Home Screen UI
  • Coding the component class
  • Templating the Home page
  • In Closing

Building the CookieQuote Component

  • Overview
  • Retrieving the daily misfortune cookie message
  • Sharing the daily misfortune cookie message
  • Lazy loading the component
  • The cookie quote logic
  • The CookieQuote template

Building the Modal form for sharing the Cookie Quote

  • Overview
  • Setting up the HTML
  • Lazy loading the Modal component

Building the Feedback and Legal Page Components

  • Overview
  • Staying lazy
  • In closing
  • Staying safe
  • Templating the Component
  • Enabling lazy loading of the component

Custom Theming the App

  • Overview
  • Home
  • Cookie Quote
  • Legal
  • Summary


  • Overview
  • Take your pick
  • Unit testing
  • In testing you Jest
  • Setting the environment
  • Configuring the project
  • Mock your code
  • Writing the tests
  • In closing

Adding launch icons & splash screen images

  • Overview
  • Summary

Configuring In-App Purchases & Products

  • Overview
  • Creating/managing In-App Purchases in iTunes Connect
  • Adding In-App Products on the Google Play Store
  • Summary

Codesigning the application for iOS & Android

  • Overview
  • Code Signing for iOS
  • Creating a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) file
  • Generating the Development and Distribution Certificates
  • Adding iOS Devices
  • Creating App ID's
  • Generating provisioning profiles
  • Code Signing for Android
  • Summary

Submitting the application to the Apple App Store

  • Overview
  • Creating an app listing on the App Store
  • Features
  • TestFlight
  • Activity
  • Submitting the App using Xcode
  • Testing the App with TestFlight
  • Summary

Submitting the application to the Google Play Store

  • Overview
  • Creating a Play Store listing
  • Uploading the application release build
  • Summary

Remote Development

  • Overview
  • Working with the online database
  • Implementing the update mechanism
  • Sharing Misfortune Cookie messages
  • Displaying shared cookie messages
  • Receiving user feedback
  • In closing
  • Summary

Marketing applications

  • Overview
  • App Store Optimisation
  • Website promotion
  • Social media marketing
  • E-mail marketing
  • E-mail signature
  • Putting together a Press Kit
  • Encouraging users to rate/review your app
  • In closing


  • Overview
  • Backing up
  • Version Control
  • Ignorance is bliss
  • In closing

Parting words

Author Biography


September 25th 2017

The following additional chapters for the e-book were published:

  • Adding launch icons & splash screen images
  • Configuring In-App Purchases & Products
  • Codesigning the application for iOS & Android

September 20th 2017

The following additional chapters for the e-book were published:

  • Building the HomePage Component
  • Building the CookieQuote Component
  • Building the Modal form for sharing the Cookie Quote
  • Building the Feedback and Legal Page Components
  • Custom Theming the App
  • Testing/Unit Testing

August 13th 2017

The following additional chapters for the e-book were published:

  • Tracking App Usage
  • Managing the App experience
  • Managing App Utilities
  • Validation

August 2nd 2017

The following additional chapters for the e-book were published:

  • Updating App Content
  • Managing In-App Purchases

July 25th 2017

Following chapters of e-book published:

  • Introduction
  • Exploring the application
  • Before development
  • Designing the application
  • Getting started with Ionic
  • Configuring the Misfortune Cookie App
  • Bootstrapping the application
  • Storing App Content